Amy Voss-DeVito and Beverly Harrison

Sisters, Amy Voss-DeVito (58) and Beverly Harrison (53), share a conversation about their mother's legacy and stardom in crafts, in particular, the mouse and pretty girl dolls.

My friend, Lauren

Lauren and I discuss love, what it means to be of mixed identity, the role of linguistics in social justice, and who she is — my best friend.

Jonas Boughter and Joanne Gigliotti

Jonas Boughter (18) talks to his grandmother Joanne Gigliotti (75) about her career as an artist.

Music Makes You Lose Control

Listen as a father and daughter, Ivan and Sophia Rosado, talk about the evolution of music and musical preferences.

Angela Bates and Cheryl Jones

Sisters Angela Bates (68) and Cheryl Jones (69) discuss the people who left an impression in their lives. They also reflect on the values of family dinners and honoring the traditions left behind by their parents.

Old Guy and Young Woman : Some Free-Associational Thoughts

97 year old Harold tells Bridget about a significant moment among many, and describes a true contentment - no regrets.

Interview with Dad on creativity, love, gratitude and parenting

Jessica Clark (43) talks with her father Paul Redstone (82) about creativity, relationships, love, and parenting. Paul Redstone is a still practicing psychiatrist, "art explorer", and active participant in his world and family.