Moosy Graffiti on the B-Line & Mentors and the Legacy of Graffiti Art

Moosy is a Graffiti artist that I met on-site at one of his projects. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was admiring the art and then around the corner pops the artist! To my surprise, he was interested...

P Jamieson and Alan Jamieson

P Jamieson (55) interviews her brother, Alan Jamieson (56), about a painting he created that she owns.

An interview with Phyllis

Questions asking who and what have been important to Phyllis throughout her life.

Lisa Imbasciani, Robert Imbasciani, and Brittany Imbasciani

Spouses, Lisa Imbasciani (56) and Robert Imbasciani (59), and their daughter Brittany Imbasciani (32) reminisce about their daughter and sibling, Erica Imbasciani, who was fatally hit in a car crash.

Cathie Kasch X Astha Sinha

Astha Sinha interviews her former dance teacher Cathie Kasch. She’s been monumental to Astha's life not just as a dancer but in making her a better person. In particular, Cathie's shown the importance of forming a tight knit community that...