“The question is, is it still alive? Was Mars able to form microbes as well?” An interview with Adrian Brown

Adrian Brown is the deputy scientist on the Mars 2020 Rover mission at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.. Adrian uses his background in geology to explore Mars via the Mars Rover, living out his childhood fascination with the planets. He...

my bestie michelle
December 14, 2022 App Interview

Michelle is an Aussie transplant who has been around the world and back. This interview is a look into the early days of her life before she became a jet setter. Mostly this is just nonsense, enjoy.

Sean Grossman interviews his grandma, Janette Handley, about growing up in Australia and finding her forever home in the United States.

Sean Grossman (age 13) interviews his grandma, Janette Handley (age 82), about life growing up in Australia. The two also discuss Janette’s journey to America. Here, Janette finds love with Sean’s grandpa, Edmund Handley, and a forever home in the...

Gambling Club Online

It will not be boring and bad to play in our club, this is not the place for that. Only big stakes, only hardcore. Of course, this is all humor - our club is for everyone, because it will not...

About my mom

In the interview we talked about my mom’s life when she was a child.

Lauren and Audeline Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

We talked about how Sydney residents are handling water shortages and droughts, which have been a major issue for the past decade or so. We also discussed how younger people are taking action.

Aiden Briesacher and Kelly Barnes

Aiden Briesacher: 2020-11-29 21:07:51 Aiden Briesacher (17) speaks with her Aunt, Kelly Barnes (50), about her life. Travel experiences in India, Japan, London, China, Australia and more as well as childhood memories, life in different countries, and a surprise reveal...