Talk about you

I ask my mom about her life and what she thinks about it.

A Conversation With My Mother

I sat down to talk with my mother about my 12 year old brother and the challenges that he faces daily.

An unexpected turn can take you to better things

My sister, Joanna Roman who is 27 saw her life differently from when she was a teenager. She imagined it differently but it shaped her into a better and led her to a career she enjoys.

The rise of Autism

We talked about his experience with having a daughter with Autism and seeing Autism rates rise in recent years

The Life of Jennifer Nixon

A short interview talking about raising children and going through life with a learning disability

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018: A talk with mom

Yumi (51), a mother, talks to her daughter, named Erica (16), about her childhood with relatives that have farming backgrounds, her dating life with movie dates, Fiji honeymoons and raising her moderate and severe intelectually disabled children (including Erica).

“You have to be true to yourself in order to be true to your children.”

Mike became a dad at a crucial moment in the life of baby Aaron. When a family member who had just had a baby was in jail and could no longer care for her baby — Mike got a call...

30 mins with Mom

I learned a lot about my mom and she learns a bit about me.