The magnificent life of Joy cotton

Blake Cotton takes a big journey through joy cottons life

Leah’s Interview

we talked about life and what he did throughout his years

First thanksgiving of my mom

My mom talked about her first thanksgiving and how she celebrated it. She talked in Spanish just like I did because her English isn’t very well. She explained how she was introduced to thanksgiving, who she spent thanksgiving with for...

Thanksgiving Interview.

Talked about a lot of good things.

The Great Thanksgiving listen.

We talked about his child hood , his parents , and his grand parents .

Politics 2017-2018

This interview took place on November 25, 2017. I interviewed my brother (Zach Ennis) on the today’s politics. He answered questions based on what he believed the President could do better and Congress. He also goes into depth on his...

My Interview homework

We just talked about the family and the history behind ours