December 6, 2018 app
Interview with Michele Mizia

I spend time with my mom as we delve into her experience with classical ballet and her childhood and teenage regrets.

April 11, 2018 app
Artist Stories – Zachary Carroll

Zach Carroll talks about his life as a dancer, teacher, coach and mentor and shares his thoughts about the Portland dance community.

November 26, 2017
Sydni interviews Nonny about her childhood growing up in the Cold War era.

On November 26, 2017 in Niskayuna, NY, Sydni Towe (16) interviews her grandmother Leanne Sweet (74) about her childhood. Leanne spoke about fond memories with her pets and the challenges of being an only child. She also spoke about her...

November 25, 2017 app
Stories upon Stories upon Stories

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2017 in Santa Cruz,California. Cinna Gresham (17) interviews her mother Sandra Gresham (61) about her childhood and family. Ms Gresham shares her love of books and all things ballet.

September 30, 2017
What I Saw When I Went to the Basement Scarred Me For Life

Susan Starr tells me about her childhood growing up with an alcoholic mother, her time as a nurse, being married to a Navy man, and the joys of being a “Nana” to her great nieces and nephews.

August 21, 2017
Kumon Reviews – Grace F.

Grace is an actress and ballerina who is focused and disciplined during eight years with kumon.

November 21, 2016
Ellie Interviews Breanna

An interview about Bre’s life, specifically about her childhood and the people around her.

September 10, 2016
Madeleine by Jane

Mum, Jane, interviewing 10 year old daughter in Brisbane, Australia