Interview With Isabella Lagioia and Her Grandma, Rita Morrel

Rita Morrel talks about growing up in her native city of Chicago. Also addresses changes that Rita had observed in Chicago and current politics from her childhood (1930s) to present day (2019). Recorded in Hoffman Estates, Illinois on November 28,...

Customer Service – The Challenge

Listen to hear how customer service takes a good deal of effort from an employee

An interview with my grandfather

Kerry Long born in 1947, being interviewed in December of 2018.

Interview with Ronald Branstrom

I interviewed my grandfather about his life.

Great American Listen interview with my grandpa

My grandpa tells me some of the ups and downs of his life

Chiefs life and how it has changed

In this interview conducted in November 2017 in Annapolis Maryland Willie Burson(15) interviews his grandpa John Morton 111 (74)about his life and how it has changed. He talks about his childhood and meeting his wife. What he liked to do....