Evans Interview
October 29, 2019 App Interview

I talk about a basketball when we beat brown deer

Basketball community interview

I ask my oldest sister Rachel questions about her basketball career.

You trying to hoop?

I interview my friend Lewis Holley about the experience of Eagle Camp, and how our friend group.

His life Marquis Moore

We talked about his life and the people who influenced him

Arly and Lee Kempf’s life in Spain 1960 to 1964.

Lee and Arly Kempf talk about their time in living in Spain during the early 1960’s. Lee taught and coached children of American military families. Arly substitute taught and raised children.

Lee Kempf’s childhood in Madison, Wisconsin and his Military service.

Lee Kempf talks about his childhood in Madison, Wisconsin during the depression and his military service in Okinawa.

Ball’s life

Christian playing basketball at a really young age and he grew to liking it a lot. Overtime basketball has taught him about hard work and perseverance.