Hair Discoloration: What You Should Know to Care for Your Hair

Why are we more attracted to blonde? Surely everyone will have an answer. Of course, if you bet on hair bleaching, we summarize what you should know to care for your hair. So that in addition to white, you look...

Guideline for the Treatment of Rosacea

In this article, we have shared different treatments used for rosacea by the best dermatologists in Dubai. Keep reading to learn more.

After Shelter with Virginia Martin

Virginia Martin talks with Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis Visitor Services Associate Gian Garma about quarantine and the hope of art while standing inside the art installation "SHELTER" by Derek Fordjour.

Cali Lloyd

"Just be kind to everyone. There's no excuse to be mean. " I'm so happy I chose to interview my older cousin Lennon! We talk about life and how important it is to make meaningful relationships and to be the...

A Spiritual Life

A look into the life of Genie Hart. She talks about growing up and her family. She talks about her spiritually.

Art brings People Together – Paulist Fr. Frank Sabatté

In this interview with Emanuele Sesta, Paulist Fr. Frank Sabatté discusses his life, vocation story and ministry. Fr. Frank is currently the Artist-In-Residence for the Paulist Fathers in New York City and the Director of “Openings”, an artist collective. He...

Cultural Beauty Standards

An interview with Erica about cultural beauty standards and body image.

Kanae Okada

We talked about beauty ideals and family.