Summers in the Adirondacks, Importance of Marriage, Family, & Faith with Jacquelyn Beale and Jonathan Beale

Jacquelyn Beale (85) shares memories and insights with her grandson, Jonathan Beale (26) of summers going up to visit cousins in the Adirondacks, traveling, legacy, kindness, a happy marriage, family, and advice for future generations.

Let’s talk about Mom!

19-year-old Madison Miller interviews mother about life, family, and fun memories!

The Life of Cheryl Davis.

I would say the interview went very well. It was a little shorter than expected. I did learn some interesting facts about my Aunt Sherry though.

One of many journey’s

An interview with my father’s journey from El Salvador to the United States and his encounters.

Marie Wolfe and Nancy Wamer

Marie Wolfe (59) and her spouse Nancy Warner (67) discuss Marie's experiences with her previous partner including in vitro fertilization, the birth of their twins, and their break up and ensuing custody battle.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, my father and I talked about questions that we wouldn’t normally talk about. I enjoyed having this talk with my father and getting to know him better.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmother spoke to me about someone who has had a impact on her life, how her life turned out different than she imagined, and anything specific she wanted to say to me if this was our final conversation.