John Szalay and Al Lemmo

One Small Step partners John Szalay (49) and Al Lemmo (70) have a conversation about the media and overcoming division in the country. They find a common dislike for social media and trouble with talking about politics with their family.

Matthew Mendenhall and Tom Arthur
August 30, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Matthew Mendenhall (36) and Tom Arthur (47) discuss their shared profession of being a pastor, their call stories and events that shaped their views.

American Dream Interview with Ms. Dedra Thomas

We talked about her views of the American dream. She believes that is very personal and different based on each person. We also spoke about her parents and her views on god and how it has helped her achieve the...

“Kamolol Iroj”

Franjesica has gone through things many can relate to. Being the oldest girl in the family, interviewing her at how she went on through life and what kept her moving forward.

Shacara Prason/ Cerebral Palsy

Shacara and I talked about what her life has been like so far, what she wants to do in the future, and her support systems. Shacara surrounds her life with positivity, and wants to use her voice to empower others.

Sr. Susanne Hartung & Mary Anne Sladich-Lantz with Rosanne Ponzetti

Dear friends, Sr. Susanne & Mary Anne, shared stories of their long friendship, what drives them to do the work they love so much, and their faith & faith traditions. Sr. Susanne also talked about have cancer twice and the...

In the Life of Tammy Duzan

Tammy Duzan is a devout Christian and wants what’s best for her and her family. She has learned so much and has been faithful through everything. She wants to cherish all the good memories and has learned a lot from...

Ethnographic Exercise Interview

I decided to record my sister Madison on her overall beliefs that are related to religion, god, researching/interviews for religion. It was a good interview to get a sense of her ideas and how the differ from others.