Susan B. and Jonathan Webster

One Small Step conversation partners Susan B. (58) and Jonathan Webster (35) have a conversation about their backgrounds and beliefs, touching on topics like education, politics, guns, and biases. They find common ground despite differences.

Interview with Mother about Past ad an Immigrant, Opinions and effects about the War on Terror

I interviewed my mother whom is an Immigrant from Japan to the US. I asked her about some topics on life and immigration in the US, and also about her opinions on the War on Terror

Through Her Eyes

A 36 year old mother interviews her pre-teen daughter on her life's perspective and values and the influences that has played a part in her life this far.

Narrative 45 – Female, 75 year old, adult vaccine participant

As part of The VOICES Project at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Narrative 45 is a female, 75 year old, adult vaccine participant speaking on COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial participation.

Autoethnography Podcast ft. Ashley Nguyen

Madison Connolly Hojas interviews Ashley Nguyen about her heartwarming story, Griefs and Beliefs, a story about the importance of being there for your family through tough times, regardless of your different personal beliefs.

Great Thanksgiving Assignment

Today I interviewed my older sister regarding her view on life and hopes for the future. my sister is a college-aged nursing student.

Christie Appelhanz and Rich Eckert

Spouses and One Small Step partners Rich Eckert (54) and Christie Appelhanz (46) share a conversation about their children, their family, their marriage, navigating their relationship with different political views, their perspectives on religion, and their decision to live in...

Ethnographic Exercise Interview

I decided to record my sister Madison on her overall beliefs that are related to religion, god, researching/interviews for religion. It was a good interview to get a sense of her ideas and how the differ from others.