Boys to Men: Legacy of a Father

Gus Hernandez,36, details his journey as an educator to his students, but more importantly being an involved father to his boys.

ali (interview for oral comm.)

DeAndrea Tolbert (19) and Alianna Richardson (18) are best friends having a conversation about life in general as college students.

"Don't Be Sorry. Be Better." A Conversation Between Best Friends Hayden Schiavone & Nour Badawi
December 11, 2022 App Interview

Hayden Schiavone (18M) and Nour Badawi (23M) talk about their early lives, how their relationship has developed, and how God of War has shaped them to be better people. We didn't have enough time to talk about everything we wanted...

“Just Not 3 Kids”

Nicole, 18, interviews Gabriela, 19, about her family, advice she’d give, and hopes for the future. As college roommates and best friends, they reflect on life lessons learned through past experiences.

The Story of Her

On November 27, 2022 I interviewed my best friend, Anselma Lopez, who grew up very different than myself in Sonora, Mexico. She is 24-years-old and is such a lovable person who has very intriguing stories. We laugh at our wonderful...

Carrie Alexander and Nicole Frazier

Friends and partners-in-crime Carrie Alexander (45) and Nicole Frazier (44) come together to talk about their experiences and memories at McKay Healthcare and Rehab Center. They also talk about their friendship, navigating COVID, and creating activities for residents.

MCM Interviews

I interview my friend of over 20 years, Jessa Wapner. We talk mainly about her childhood memories and lessons. I unlock a memory I forgot I had.