My friend Jaden

Jaden and Rachael discuss a lifelong friendship and the struggles they have been through together, and Jaden’s mental health adventures.

Best Friend Interview

I interviewed my best friend about how we met and how we feel about each other.

Getting to know my best friend

Although you can be friends with someone for many years, that doesn’t mean you know everything about them!

John Michael Strange- A rich life revealed with love and empathy

Before there was social media, the LGBTQ community found our heroes and leaders in very few places that were public. We were (and still are) a local community that cling to each other for support and family. One of those...

Noah Yusko

Noah’s life and his current goals as well as some background

Who are you?

This interview was as about someone’s life and what they have been through and going through

Our friendship

Overall we talk about ourfirst time talking and how it lead up to a great friendship.

Jack & Ariel

Best friends Jack & Ariel discuss moms, museums & art

From 7th grade bio to bio majors

Me and my friend scarlet reminisce of the start of our friendship and our future.

My Best Friend Crystal

Talking about our friendship, Life, and our work experiences together