My best friend and his life

We talked about his proudest moments, his life regrets, and what he is more grateful.

Learning more about my best friend

I have been very close to my best friend throughout high school. Going to college is essentially the only long period of time we have been apart in four years.

Cousin, Brother, Best Friend

In this interview, I have a conversation with my close cousin, Jayden. Jayden is a year older than me and I have been going to school with him for four years. In this interview we laugh, talk about our relationship,...

The life of my bestie

It’s weird how much you can learn about the person that is supposed to be your best friend from a 4 minute interview. I learned so many new things it’s almost weird that I call her my best friend

Growing up in New York
September 9, 2019 App Interview

Two long time friends reminisce about growing up together in Manhattan.


Two friends share memories of a friendship spanning 33 years, multiple states, marriages, kids, and cancer.

What is your passion?

I sat down with a friend of mine and asked him about his passion for scooters. This interview explains all his proudest moments, achievements and his passion for riding scooters.