courtney’s interview

We are currently in a car going on vacation! While we are in the car i decide to ask my sister some cute little questions!

Marliece Leslie Dykstra

This is an interview of my roomate Marli Dykstra. I ask her about her family dynamic growing up, how that has influenced her relationships today, and the importance of upkeeping these relationships.

December 18, 2018 App Interview
“Every child is an artist” – Pablo Picasso

In this interview, conducted on December 18, 2018 at Santa Monica High School, student Sabrina (15) explains her love of the Arts. She discusses how her childhood has influenced her to pursue the Arts.

November 28, 2018 App Interview
An interview with my best friend about our friendship

My best friends, Benjamin (18) Daniel (19) and I (17) talk about our friendship over 13 years and what we did as kids. We also talk about how our relationship has changed and why.

An interview with my mom and brother.

My mom told me about her childhood experiences and the important people in her life. My little brother had some input too.

Blake’s Interview

We talked about Blake’s life from her childhood to her future.

Paige Pierson and Logan Lee

Interviewing Logan Lee about her childhood and outlook on life.

Pecca (Payton & Becca) Pals

Listen to Payton and Becca discuss the complexities of live, friendship and love. Story is supplemented with lots of laughs and joy.

Little Sister

I asked my little sister questions about her life and she told me about how fun it is to be a kid. She also asked me questions and asked for advice when she grows up.