Rediscovering My Best Friend

Calli and I have been best friends for a few years, but I never would have thought there was more to learn about her.

Best friends Malik and Sol

Me and my best friend Sol talk about his and his grandparents/families lives We tend to laugh a lot 🙂

International Best Friend

This interview was to honor my best friend Jahanzaib and to keep the memory alive of our friendship

Jennifer Kramer about living in Pennsylvania.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Sarver, Pennsylvania, Sarah Kramer (17) interviews her mother Jennifer Kramer (48) about her life. Jennifer talks about camping with her family and friends, growing up with 5 siblings, and being in a...

Kana and Vivian Interview

Kana, my best friend, told her story of moving to America and the major change it was. She discussed the differences between the two and the obstacles she had to face.

My Best Bud

Tyler Weller is interviewing Mark Weikel on the Sunday after Thanksgiving 2018 asking questions to understand his friend and their connections towards on another.

A Friend

My friend mish and I have our first phone convo (recorded on a phone call with Mish) *FACES BLURRED FOR PRIVACY*