Interview with Thomas Wrigley

In this interview, my father, Thomas Wrigley speaks about his journey while partaking in an IronMan triathlon and the trails and tribulations he went through during it.

Tyna Ngo and Son Le talk about growing up and life lessons

In this interview, December 2nd 2021 in Albuquerque New Mexico, Tyna Ngo interviews Son Le about her childhood stories and life lessons. She also talks about her happiest and saddest moments in life, and a fun story about her learning...


I talk with my dad about some of his crazy biking adventures.

Don Rain and Karen Scullion

Karen Scullion [no age given] interviews her father Don Rain (82) about how he keeps lists for most things in his life, and how that has led to his post-career accomplishments, particularly in the area of travel.

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Memoirs of Diane Christie

This interview has been about my grandma De de’s life and childhood and traditions and customs that De de has inherited. This has also been about De de’s family and her parents and grandparents.


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