Me and Mom

Chat about my mother’s life growing up and my life growing up


We discussed about important people from two different perspectives. We also talked about school choices.

Graduating With A Baby

In this interview conducted on april 22nd 2019, I asked my mother how it was to have a baby so young and still manage to complete high school.

Interview with my Great Grandpa Eric

In this interview we discuss what is was like for my grandfather growing up in life.

Live, Love, Laugh

We talked about how life was for my mom and how she is proud of me as a teenager. She talked about what she wants from me in the future and that she wants me to succeed.

Daily life in the 1950s

In this interview on December 1, 2018 in Plano Texas Kylie Lodes interviews her grandma Patricia Fuller about her life growing up. She talks about where she was born and what her school life was like as a child and...

Zelinn Fiore and her grandma, Irene Beatriz Mejia, talk about Irene’s childhood.

In this interview, conducted November 2018 in Mckinney Texas, Zelinn Fiore (14) interviews her grandma Irene Beatriz Majia about her childhood and growing up in the U.S. Irene talks about her family and her childhood. She also talks about school...

The great Thanksgiving listen

In this interview on November 2018 in farmington, missouri Angie Pyatt(51) gets interviewed by Gage Pyatt(16) about her child hood and some memories she had growing up. She shares the many jobs she had growing up and which one she...