Courtney and Jayson 9/25

Courtney Leytham, 18, and Jayson Minner, 18, and we are cousins. We briefly talked about BLM protests in St.Louis area, what it was like growing up, his most difficult memories, and life lessons.

Interview on life
November 30, 2022 App Interview

This was an interview with me and my coach, basically just asking him questions about his life, and how certain things have impacted it, this also was a very meaningful one, and sharing a wonderful message to the youth.

Lynn Burrill and Cristina Ramirez

Lynn Fremed [no age given] and her One Small Step partner, Cristina Ramirez (46), discuss their experiences in Richmond and issues of class struggle, diversity, and education accessibility.

Christine Booth and Jon Giaimo

Christine Booth (46) and One Small Step partner Jon Giaimo [no age given] discuss the consequences of social media, the Black Lives Matter movement, the homelessness crisis, and America's position in the war in Ukraine.

Philip Gibbs and Offie Wortham

One Small Step conversation partners Philip Gibbs (62) and Offie Wortham (83) met virtually to talk about the civil rights movement; their opinions of former President Donald Trump; BLM; and issues of immigration, crime and fear.

Ties: Politics and Religion

I'm this interview, Ms. Anita discussed her uprising as a religious, young, black female. We discussed the famous BLM movement, and religious affiliation. Ms. Anita, as Christian, input immense thoughts pertaining to her sheer faith in GOD, and has also...

Me and my grandfather

We talked about my grandfather’s career, wife, and politics