Emily Tompkins and Joseph Loftus

Emily Tomkins (29) and One Small Step partner Joseph "Joe" Loftus (68) discuss their different political beliefs and find common ground around income inequality and being self-described "introverts."

Joe Shearer and his daughters
December 28, 2022 App Interview

70-yr-old Joe talks to his daughters (Tia, 42, and Jamie, 40) about his Long Island childhood, chronic shyness, blue collar work, the family’s Disney miracle, and what happiness is. (Note: interview cuts off before we ended this lovely conversation with...

Questions with Mila

Various questions with Mila Horsley regarding our friendship, her childhood and work experience

Casey and Grant Rausch Interview

Interviewing my dad about his lawn care and his career about being successful.

Robert Smalley Sr. shares stories with grandson, Nick Flionis, of what it was like to be a jobber in central New England

In this storycorps recording, Robert Smalley Sr. recounts his life experience as a blue collar jobber in central New England. Coming from a poor family, Bob has endured great physical and financial risk in order to secure a sound future...

Serving in the U.S. Marine Corps
December 4, 2021 App Interview

My grandpa, George Nieman, talks about growing up in Bridgeport, CT, his service in the U.S. Marine Corps, and his career.