Ralph Jarl

Listen in to hear how Ralph has dealt with the loss of his wife and how he’s tried to live since.

Mrs. Johnson’s and Amara’s Interview

Mrs. Johnson’s life story and a discussion about her experiences at her boarding school, growing up and writing her book.

Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about his experiences at Linsly as a student who graduated in 1969.

Interview with coach Cotter

So we talked about his success in his career. His teaching job and what was done in that. And we talked about his home life and his background on how he got the position at Fairbanks high school and his...

Story corps interview

In this interview I asked my dad multiple questions on his past and present life and how it has affected him.

Valentina Deng and her mom Maggie share some comments on life

In this interview, recorded on November 2020 in Alamo, California, Valentina Deng (13) interviews her mom, Maggie Deng (53) about life. Maggie talks about how school has had a big impact on her life, and how all the hard work...