Ratna Goradia, Riddhi Goradia, and Shobha Goradia

Sisters Ratna Goradia [no age given] and Riddhi Goradia (39) reflect on giving birth during a pandemic with their mother, Shobha Goradia [no age given]. They talk about the challenges they faced in 2020 and how much they miss spending...

Russell Lowery-Hart and Christopher Sams

Chris Sams (41) insights with his chosen father, Russell Lowery-Hart (51) in a conversation about how the two became family members and what the journey has been like.

The Life Of A Hardworking Mother

A mother's life is her young ones. Erika Gonzalez is a dedicated mother of 4 youngsters. Interview by her daughter Madison Holden, Erika gave some information about her kids and her life as a mother. Erika couldn't consider anything she...

A Mother’s Love

I ask my mom mom personal questions about our relationship and I learn more about her background.

India-Pakistan Partition: StoryCorps Interview

In this interview, my grandpa talks about his experience with the India-Pakistan partition. Then afterward I talk to my grandma and listen to what she thinks about the future of the world and lessons we can all learn from this...

I interview my aunt and learn a lot about her childhood and her life growing up.

My aunt has a lot of experiences i never knew about. She worked and went to a catholic school. She saved her money and spent it precisely as a child. She started buying bonds when she was young.

More Than A Mom – The Strongest Woman

I interviewed my mom and we talked about her past & present and her journey to get where she is today.

My Sister

My sister, Tiffany, gave me a few life lessons and opened up to how she really felt about me.