Practice interview

I talk with my classmate Vijval about childhood memories and people that inspire us.

Interview with dad cam h

In this interview I ask my dad about his job and his hobby as an author

March 16, 2018 app

Life of Teaneck Librarian

December 14, 2017 app
Dr River Part 2

Storycorps interview for class

December 14, 2017 app
Dr River Part 3

Storycorps interview

December 13, 2017 app
Book Worms: Meghan and her mother, Erin, discuss one of their favorite books over coffee

In this interview, Meghan sits down with her mother, Erin, to ask her about the book that she recommended to her at the beginning of the school year. They discuss the important lessons, their favorite moments, and go off on...

December 13, 2017
Cat’s Cradle Disscussion

In this discussion, Luka Karginov and his Father, Andrei Karginov discuss aspects of the book Cat’s Cradle, including key characters, the writing style and important scenes in the novel.

December 12, 2017 app
To Kill A Mockingbird Discussion: Bianca Pope & Nicolette Pope discuss the novel and their takeaways from it.

In this recordimg, Nicolette and her mother, Bianca, debrief through the novel “To Kill A Mockingbird” and discuss the biggest takeways, themes, characters, and more.