Arian Velazquez-Ornelas and Elizama Velazquez

Arian Velazquez-Ornelas (42) platica con su mamá, Elizama Velazquez (56), de sus experiencias creciendo en México y los Estados Unidos. Hablan de la familia, el amor, y la comunidad que comparten en ambos lados de la frontera. [Arian Velazquez-Ornelas (42)...

Elena Palacios and Victoria Nevarez

Friends and colleagues Elena Palacios (43) and Victoria Nevarez (24) discuss life on the border, their work with Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, and their hopes for the future.

Sheyla Solís interviews Luis Solis

I (Sheyla Solis) was assigned a research paper for my history class on my topic that I think has changed overtime or that relates to me. I decided to interview Luis Solis ,my dad, the man that had an American...

Sheila Roddy and [No Name Given] [No Name Given]

Sheila Roddy (75) and her One Small step partner [No Name Given] [No Name Given] (65) discuss their upbringing, the kindest people in their lives, and their thoughts on the United States - Mexican border.

Stephen Thomas and Amy Lanterman

One Small Step partners, Stephen “Steve” Thomas (70) and Amy Lanterman (69), discuss their different upbringings, retirement, and the issues that are important to each of them, such as border security and climate change.

Border Patrol

Gabriel Chavez gives experience as a Border Patrol Agent

A conversation with a friend

I interview my good friend about his life, we discuss immigration from Monterrey, NL to Laredo,TX and how that impacted his life. Mexican culture regarding family and friendship. Growing up between Mexico and Texas, living on the border.