College in Paris

In this conversation I am talking to my neighbor about her time in Paris. She spent all of her college years in France. In the recording we talk about what it was like to study abroad.

Being Brave Does not Mean to Fight

Yusuf Ayaz (15M) interviews his Grandpa Shahid Khan (63M) in his bedroom in Atlantic City. Yusuf and Shahid talk deeply about Religion & Traditions that they learned over the course of their life. They both show how religion and tradition...

Jennifer Yox and Pat Keebler

One Small Step partners Jennifer Yox (37) and Pat Keebler (75) have a conversation about titling memoirs, history being written by the victors, and learning to give people the benefit of the doubt.

Military Travels

My step father’s name is Kennith Setty and is currently 40 years old. He first joined the military when he was 19 when he realized college wasn’t the right fit for him. He currently lives in Fresno working as a...

All about Vijaya!

Shreya Ganesh is a 17 year old senior in high school interviewing her beloved family friend Vijaya Subramani! She asks about her life stories, immigration, and the words she lives her life by!

Vietnam War Interview

I interviewed my Great uncle Don about his experience in Vietnam and what life was like at home.