Military Travels

My step father’s name is Kennith Setty and is currently 40 years old. He first joined the military when he was 19 when he realized college wasn’t the right fit for him. He currently lives in Fresno working as a...

All about Vijaya!

Shreya Ganesh is a 17 year old senior in high school interviewing her beloved family friend Vijaya Subramani! She asks about her life stories, immigration, and the words she lives her life by!

Vietnam War Interview

I interviewed my Great uncle Don about his experience in Vietnam and what life was like at home.

long way from home

my name is cassie saeteurn, age 17 and i am interviewing my mom who is mahn hin saeteurn. this is a story on how she came from laos to the u.s and her escape from the vietnam war.

The Check-in Counter Desk

At 16 years of age, my mom, Sohpie Ricordel, had a decision made by her father, Daniel, that changed her life. My grandfather was a school teacher and principal who made difficult decisions for his students and his family. If...

Baylee Sorenson and Brit Liggett

Friends and colleagues Baylee Sorenson (32) and Brit Liggett (37) share a conversation about their friendship, the small businesses they run, the role models who have influenced them, and their children. They also discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted...

Thu Pham and Liz Wessel

Thu shared her story and Journey from Vietnam to the united States with her village. Thu discussed how their strong faith and love of their family kept them strong.