Stephen Zellner “Pops”- 07-16-2023 10:45:07

This is an interview with my Pops. Details about his family, his dad, his early years and his legacy.

Entresvistando a mi Mamá

Este entrevista va hacer sobre la vida de mi mamá. Mi mama llego a los Estados Unidos en el 99, y pudo ver el gran cambio en Brooklyn. Durante la entrevista ella misma va dar su opinion sobre la situacion...

James Dobbins interview with his mom

James talks to his mother about life growing up in Brooklyn, and her early memories from childhood. She shares some memorable moments from her life and lessons she has learned. She talks about some of the influences on her life...

Luke and James Carney

Luke Carney interviews James Carney about growing up in NYC in the 1980's. We discuss how life has changed since then along with how he was raised

Interviewing My Grandma

Today I interviewed my Grandma and we talked about her life growing up in Brooklyn, moving to Long Island, family and marriage.

Millie and her Nonno Lee

Lee Miller (76) in NYC speaks with his granddaughter Millie (13) who lives in Rome, Italy. He recounts growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950's & 60's, and share stories about his father, her great grandfather fighting in World WarII...