The wonders of Abraham Morales

Six year old Abraham talks about his obsession with dinosaurs and allows us to get to know him.

My Brother

It was a last minute recording of interview

Ashlynne talks to her 18 year old brother, Jaydon, about his schooling.

This interview was with my brother Jaydon Trinidad. It is about his schooling experience. Also, how to help people going through the same thing.

Jairo M.

In this video, Jairo talks about valuable lessons he’s learned in his life. Jairo also talks about childhood memories and his happiest memory. Lastly, Jairo emphasizes the role his older brother has in his life

Paul Farrow and Shawn Lundie

Shawn Lundie (49), the Chief of Staff for Waukesha County, interviews his supervisor and friend, Paul Farrow (59), about his family history in relation to Wisconsin politics and his journey to becoming the County Executive for Waukesha County. Paul gives...