Charles Mestayer and Franchesca Peña

Charles "Chuck" Mestayer (72) speaks with conversation partner Franchesca Peña [no age given] about surviving a car accident, the passing of his brother, and what he relied on during these difficult times.

My Brother and Me

Me and My brother talking about our life and me asking him questions.

my brother and me

this is an interview with my brother. he is someone I care deeply for and take care of.

Gib Versus the Rooster

Jack (15) speaks with his grandpa Dave (78) about his life growing up in Southern Illinois with a big family including four brothers.

adult interview

I interviewed Davin Pollard who is 20 and is my brother. I got to talk to him about his baseball career and how it changed his life.

Thanksgiving project interview

So I Ramon Antunez (14m) interviewed my stepbrother Angel Penaflor (18m) and we discussed some topics that are somewhat deep in meaning

Mark and Greg, brothers in high school, talk about memories and the future.

Mark (15) and Greg (16) are brothers who talk about the world on November 28, 2023. They talk about visits to Disney World as children, technology in their lives and how it will affect their future, and memories.


I (Ava, 14) interview best friends and neighbors Christopher (11) and Colette (10). Christopher is my brother and Colette neighbor and family friend. They talk about their friendship and their futures.

Daniel Balzer and David Balzer

Identical twin brothers David "Dave" Balzer (57) and Daniel "Dan" Balzer (57) discuss their family history, being identical twins, and how being a twin has informed their creativity, and the impact of their father’s passing.