"doing what you love"

i interivewed my brother on what he enjoy doing for his work and also outside of work, he explained the things he do in his workfield and also things he do in his freetime.

Why I Love Band

Gavin Powell, (15) is interviewed by his brother, Bryce Powell, (17) on his favorite hobby, why he loves it, and why he started it.

Q&A With My Big Brother

I, Brayan Chico-Esteban(16y), interviewed my big brother, Nicolas Medina Chico (22y). We talked about a bit of our lives and some of his goals for the future. A Q&A with My Bro

Bro Talk

Two brothers delve into different aspects of their lives. Focused on childhood experiences, friendships, importance of family and discuss future plans.

Little bro and big bro

Just a little brother asking his older brother what he has done and what he likes to do.

Interview and learning with Jack Larson

me and my big brother jack talk about a couple things about himself and what he has learned

Story Corps 25309

I interviewed my brother about his life and personal things as well as who has been there for him the most and what has pushed him to do better for himself.

Growth – Nick & Nate Carter

Two brothers and how they have changed as people from childhood until now.