Tenzin Lhamo 10-11-2023

Tenzin Lhamo has had a wealth of nursing experience. She attended nursing school in India as an immigrant from Tibet. Her family came to the United States in 2006. Before graduating from St. Catherine University as an Adult-Geriatric Nurse Practitioner...


The interview is on a friend named, Ryan Kim. He is a student in Auburn University and is 19 years old. We talked about his job, family, and other personal matters.

Terreal Brown and Christian Grant

One Small Step partners Terreal Brown (38) and Christian Grant (49) discuss the importance of bringing many voices to the table in order to solve problems, and why the United States must grapple with its shortcomings in order to meet...

ANTH215 StoryCorp interview with Mom
December 15, 2022 App Interview

Interview with my mother where we discuss her life history and lessons.

Niki Flynn and Steve Heck

Steve tells his story about career changes from ballet to occupational health therapy, his path toward Buddhism, personal relationship and connecting back to community through volunteering.

Anita Wiggins and Deborah Callahan

One Small Step partners Anita Wiggins (65) and Deborah Callahan (56) discuss major events that shaped them, their spirituality as a Catholic and a Mormon, the difficulty raising children with or without their shared beliefs, and self-love.

Joe Brettillo and Carlos Kyles

Joe Brettillo (50) and One Small Step partner Carlos Kyles (37) about their experiences feeling ostracized from their communities, influential family members, and their spirituality.

Together – Paulist Fr. Richard Chilson

Paulist Fr. Richard Chilson recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination as a #priest. In 1976, he moved to Berkeley, CA, where he spent 20 years, first as campus minister and then in studies and on special assignment. He...

Grace Cangialosi and Susan Oliveri

[Recorded Tuesday, February 1, 2022] Grace (78) and Susan (75) recorded a One Small Step conversation together in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discussed activism, military families, and the influence of their religious and spiritual beliefs on their politics.