Interviewing My Mother About Her VW Convertible Bug Named Lola

My mother named Erin Caird tells me, her daughter Alana Blue, about her car she had before I was born and the story of why she had to sell it to be able to care for me and have a...

Van La & Emilie Cerna
December 1, 2020 App Interview

Van La & Emilie Cerna, students from Santa Clara High School talks about Covid-19.

Adventures of Antima Lopez Bega

Antima Lopez Bega was born and raised in Southern California and her family were migrant workers who picked different kinds of crops throughout California. She met her husband while doing so—they were married 68 years when he passed away in...

"With Earth Observations I saw it as a great challenge and opportunity to study our planet." An interview with Vince Ambrosia.

Vince Ambrosia is a Senior Research Scientist at NASA Ames, Adjunct Faculty Member in the Department of Applied Environmental Sciences, College of Science, California State University – Monterey Bay, and also serves as the NASA Applied Science Program, Associate Program...

Roger Eagan and Courtney Gilbert

Roger Eagan (72) shares personal insights and stories about his life with his conversation partner and StoryCorps Facilitator, Courtney Gilbert (29).