History Extra Credit – 11-26-2023 15:29:41

My nanas name is Patricia and she is 83 years old. She is the mom of my dad, she moved here from Wisconsin with my Papi, and they eventually built a house in Hillsborough where she has lived for about...

Penelope LePome and Mary Avery

Penelope LePome (77 ) and Mary Avery (63) discuss California geopolitics, the pressures of being a public official, and the impacts of Covid 19 on their respective communities.

Kyle and Liam – 5/11/23

My name is Kyle and I am 20 years old. I interviewed a friend who I met at college, Liam, who is also 20. The majority of the interview topics that we’re discussed were his upbringing and how his Jewish...

Growing Up as an Eastern European with Martin Sreba

In this interview, conducted in Kentfield, California, Aurora Sreba (15) interviews her father Martin Sreba (50) about his childhood, growing up in Eastern Europe. Learn about his life growing up in: Mielec,Poland, moving to Cologne, Germany then later, Ontario, Canada.

Chris and Heather talk about government

My parents, Chris and Heather Mezzetta, told me about their experience with voting and participating in their government.

Interview with Pop

My first of the family and friends interviews. Started with the pop-ular the best ayre bane

Journey to Now with Nic Denison

Stories about Nic’s upbringing and how he goes through life now.

My Interview with Joshua Slocum

He grew up surrounded by the ocean being the oldest of three. Joshua Slocum enjoys Christmas and the summer. He remembers playing baseball and being called “Squashua” and “JJ”. His favorite childhood vacation was going to Disney World with his...

Practice Interview with Charlotte DuRoss

Charlotte is 13 years old and she enjoys art, soccer, and other sports. She also had been called many nicknames, such as “DooDoo” by her soccer team and “Char” or “Char Char” by her school friends. During her childhood, she...