Jim Eyster Was on The Move as a Child

My Grandpa Jim Eyster is a very impressive man who grew up in multiple different states due to his fathers job. His mother lived to the age of 102 and made an impact on my Grandpa’s life and many strangers.

Foundations Interview

This interview is an analysis of a biblical conversation between Christian Sears and his aunt, Corliss Carr. The seventeen-year-old college student interrogated his sixty-nine-year-old aunt about various questions revolving around the biblical meanings and applications of happiness. Several of the...

Interview with Mom

This interview went over my mom’s life and future plans for her life

Beauty and the Beast – New Hampshire – March 2019

Our epic adventure in the snow and on the road in New Hampshire.

Andrew driving story

Uncle taught him how to drive in the snow

James’ love for Volkswagens

A boy discusses his love for automobiles, and Volkswagens in particular. Everything from miles per gallon to smiles per gallon is discussed.

Alexander’s Movin Experience
November 2, 2020 App Interview

Alexander locked his phone in a rental car after moving into his new apartment in Chicago for College. After going store to store asking for help, a man helped him call a tow truck. After waiting alone for an hour,...