Sarah Justus and Rosa Benedicto

Sarah Justus (24) interviews her grandmother Rosa Benedicto (77) about Rosa's immigration from Ciuadad Juarez, Mexico to Chicago, Illinois. Rosa would eventually settle in El Paso, Texas. The pair also discuss Rosa's marriage and love story with her late husband.

Dr. Glen Komatsu & Rayna Oliver

Dr. Komatsu talks about the importance of listening in healthcare. The first step to providing good healthcare is listening to the patient before deciding on a treatment plan. Another step to providing good healthcare is to involve the patient in...

Amber Moody & Kelly Corcoran

Amber, a palliative care nurse, and Kelly, Chief Mission Officer are the boots-on-the-ground team for a tele-palliative care team in rural Stevens County, Washington. Without the remote capabilities of the team, many patients seeking palliative care would need to travel...

My Sister’s World

in this interview my sister and I talked about how much she means to me and how proud she is of myself and how she got through her hardships and made herself the woman she is today .

Harrel Parrish and Diana Parrish

Harrel "Bubba" Parrish (71) and Diana Parrish (62), husband and wife, discuss the first signs of Bubba's Parkinson's diagnosis, common misconceptions about the disease, and the advice they would give to someone newly diagnosed.

Anissa Mitchell and Joan Lincoln

Anissa Mitchell [no age given] and Joan Lincoln (76) discuss their personal experience as caregivers for loved ones with Parkinson's Disease and the importance of support groups.

Pamela Gore Meade and Louise Lashley

Pamela Gore Meade (59) shares a conversation with her mother, Louise Lashley (85), about Louise’s childhood, her parents, art, music, and raising her children.