Mary Guillory and Franchesca Peña

Mary “Angelique” Guillory (53) speaks with conversation partner Franchesca Peña [no age given] about beginning a new phase of their life after their mother’s passing and finding purpose and presence in life beyond caregiving.

Joshua Liston and Symphony Swan

Joshua Liston (33) interviews his wife, Symphony Swan (34), about her life and her use of art and activism as means to archive Black culture and memories through the Black Family Archive Project and Cr8tv House.

Joseph Rogers-Britton and Jeff Moore

Joseph Rogers-Britton (64) talks with his friend Jeff Moore (56) about the importance of kindness, reflecting on his journey living with HIV and caring for others living with HIV and AIDS.

Just a tiny thing at the right time can make a big impression

John from Herndon shares 2 stories of fleeting kindness from 60 and 20 years ago, that made a big impression, and have remained in his memory. This conversation was a part of the “All Together Now: Share Your Stories” program...

Lupita Carrasco and K8e Orr

Friends Lupita Carrasco (46) and K8e Orr (40) share a conversation about their experiences caring for their mentally ill mothers and making art as a way to heal from these relationships.

Why Leonie Batkin volunteers for the Villages
December 10, 2022 App Interview

Leonie volunteers for the Villages of San Mateo County to give back after her experience caring for her mother.

Linda Ingram & Scott Acord

Linda talks about taking care of her parents. As an only child the caretaking is mostly left to her, but she does have some help from a childhood friend. There are rewards to taking care of your parents, knowing they...

Abebech Mergia and Charlie Shin

Abebeck, a caregiver with PACE, talks with coworker Charlie about Fasika (Ethiopian Easter) and explains this special time in her culture. Also talks about the importance of neighbors, coworkers and participants.