Friend of Friends

I interviewed my best friend Dani about his thoughts of life and how his perspective of life has changed over time

Hardy’s New Car

An eighty five year old senior named Hardy Hassenfuss tells his friend, Jaxon Dunn, about the day he bought a car after accidentally sneaking out of his Assisted living facility.

Charlee Spencer and her father David Spencer talk about his experiences growing up and going through life.

This interview was between me (age 17) and my father David Spencer (age 61) in November 2023. We had a discussion about his life growing up and his experiences throughout his childhood and adolescence. We also discussed his reaction and...

Interview With my Dad

I, Tiana Kaneko (15), interviewed my dad, Tod Kaneko (62), about his interest and career in cars.

Interview with my Grandmother on growing up and learning valuable lessons.

Conversation with me (Chandler Peeples) and my grandmother (Mimi) about her childhood, my mom, and grandfather. This was recorded at my house in Vestavia Hills, Al and there are plenty of stories of what it was like growing up in...

Austin Interview

I talk with my best friend for 45 minutes

Kailey conversation with Dad, David Gee: The family and friends that were part of an idyllic life.

This is the first of two conversations between Kailey and Dave. Questions and answers get to know Dave and his family and friends growing up in Kansas and Colorado with strong, Godly core values with some devilish antics mixed in....

Harold Hochstatter and Don Hochstatter

Don Hochstatter (58) interviews his father, Harold Hochstatter (84), about his childhood, his experience in the U.S. Army, his political career, his family, his perspective on death, and his Christian Faith.