Phil Hernick

Interview with Phil Hernick, age 73, about his life growing up in Minnesota with his 6 brothers and sister, his experiences in the PeaceCorp in Liberia - where he learned Gizima Loma - and Guayaquil, Ecuador, plus his time at...

Preaching is a two-way street – Paulist Fr. Charles Kullmann

Paulist Fr. Charles Kullmann made his first promises to the Paulist community on August 17, 1974, and was ordained a priest on May 13, 1978. Fr. Chuck is pastor of St. Austin Church in Austin, TX. He previously served as...


Ashley (18) interviews neighbor Ana (33) to get glimpse of her life in Guatemala and her transition to the United States. We speak about her childhood life and how she grew up.

Kate McGraw & Scott Acord

Kate, shares stories about Sr Emilie Gamelin and her impact on her community and those around her. Sr. Emilie began the celebration of Table of the King to honor those who were most vulnerable.

Friendships in Ministry – Paulist Fr. Bill Edens

Paulist Fr. Bill Edens is an associate pastor at the Cathedral of Saint Andrew in #GrandRapids, MI. In this audio interview, he shares his #vocation story and more with Emanuele Sesta. To see a short video with parts of this...

Jennifer Beck and Matt Schuster

One Small Step partners Jennifer Beck (49) and Matt Schuster (63) discuss their backgrounds, their beliefs regarding gun safety, and their frustration with political candidates.

Jody Palmer and Thomas Gabriele

One Small Step conversation partners Jody Palmer (82) and Thomas Gabriele (49) spend an hour discussing their perspectives on California, changes in the modern American family, and their relationship to Catholicism.

Carol Bingaman and Aly Brookland

[Recorded: Thursday, February 9th, 2022] Carol (71) and Aly (38) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Carol is deeply involved in the Waynesboro community, although she is originally from a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania, spending...