Linn, Caroline (Thanksgiving Interview 11/27/23)

Caroline Linn (15) interviewed her mom (Cassie) they talked about failures and challenges she had faced. They discussed how she got through the challenges.

Barbara Morphy & Chandra Hodges

Barbara and Chandra met through the "Walk a Mile" program and hit it off instantly. Barbara talks about the challenges of being a single mom, needing a job. She started in housekeeping at a Providence hospital, but knew she wanted...

Nazik Messerlian’s interview
September 6, 2023 App Interview

Nazik Messerlian (90) interviewed by grandson Gregory (17) on her life experiences. They discuss life’s challenges and the importance of it all.

My mom’s immigration story from Russia to the US

I interviewed my mom (Karina Glosman) about her immigration story, coming from Russia to the United States. We discussed her earliest memories in America, assimilation, financial challenges, her role models, and proudest moments in her life.

Oral History Project

I, Gena Escanaverino 18 years old, interviewed my mom, Natalie Escanaverino 51 years old, on anything and everything having to do with life and it’s beautiful ups and downs. We also discussed faith and it’s applications on our lives. we...

Sheyla Solís interviews Luis Solis

I (Sheyla Solis) was assigned a research paper for my history class on my topic that I think has changed overtime or that relates to me. I decided to interview Luis Solis ,my dad, the man that had an American...

La historia de R.G

En esta entrevista, mi tío y yo hablamos sobre su experiencia como inmigrante. También como llego a los Estados Unidos y como fue su experiencia en los Estados Unidos.

interview Tyler attebury

Tyler is a 30 year old EMT. In this interview we speak of the challenges he faced and things he liked about the program

Maliik and Kaeli – 11/27/22

Kaeli Sampson, 38, family friend, we discussed challenges throughout her life. As well as ways to cope and get through difficult situations. Some fun things that you can do to get away from stress.