Gibson Bean and his grandmother Renee Booker discuss the Civil Rights Movement and how it shaped her life

Throughout this interview that happened on November 26th 2023 in Birmingham AL, Gibson Bean (18) talks with his grandmother Renee Booker (71) about her struggles coping with the sudden change of culture that was the Civil Rights movement and how...

My Mom’s life

This is an interview between me, Sadhana (age 15) and my mom, Padmaja. We talked about my mom’s life when she was growing up, and how things have changed, along with what she’s proud of and how she’d like to...

Ariel Jin’s interviewing her dad, Young-hoon Jin, on November 26th, 2023.

In this interview, Ariel Jin interviews her dad about how his experiences as a child/teen changed his adulthood for better or for worse. She talks about the major transitions and moments in life that affected her dads future.

A nice chat with my mom

Me and my mom talk about on her birthday our experiences over the past year with much change.

My StoryCorps Conversation with Moses Wang: How Do We See Our Lifelong Challenges?

In this conversation, Lizhen Liu and Moses wang are two students from China who are currently studying in Virginia Tech. They discussed some challenges that happened in life that really affected us for years. Also how should we do to...

Quentin Wilson and Lee Selleck

Friends Quentin Wilson [no age given] and Lee Selleck [no age given] come together 50 years after they graduated high school together in Kirkwood, Missouri. The two talk about the value of listening, the divides in our country, and how...

John Suthers and Matt Mayberry

Matt Mayberry (58) interviews his colleague Mayor John Suthers (71) about his experience in public service, how the city has changed over his life, and his reflections on leadership. Mayor John Suthers also shares stories from his childhood growing up...