Environmental Factors Contributing to the School to Prison Pipeline

My name is Heather Ashton and I am joined by Dr. Jennifer Ashton, an associate professor in the SUNY system who specializes in disability studies and inclusive education. Today we will be discussing environmental factors related to the school-to-prison pipeline....

Mary Pound and Charlotte Ingram

One Small Step partners Mary "Mamie" Pound (55) and Charlotte Ingram (76) discuss changes in education and issues surrounding race that are prevalent within the United States.

Henry McHenry and Susan Weir

One Small Step Partners, Henry McHenry (73) and Susan Weir (61), take an hour to discuss political divisiveness, the importance of listening, and their perspectives as life-long educators.

Interview with my Grandpa, Denis Richmond

This interview was conducted for an AP Language project where we were tasked to interview a close elder and give insightful reviews and ask questions so we can further understand how cool our elders really are. I, Seth Greenland(16) interview...

Discrediting Campus Police Officers in Educational Spaces

In this podcast I briefly highlight the ineffective role of campus police in educational spaces and their shift from safety to intimidation tactics.

Katie Willet – MPHS IB Coordinator

We discussed the IB program and how having taught abroad gives a different perspective on the US education system.

Historia de Gloria y su tiempo en un pais nuevo

Today we spoke about her story in coming from Mexico to living a new life in the United States. We go in depth about her experience and her families experience.