Tim Serban and Melody Fawcett

Tim shares his story of providing spiritual care in the context of disaster relief efforts. Providing support to those grieving, going through transitions, searching for ways to honor their loved ones. Carrying on the mission of the Providence Sisters in...

Dr. Roland Summit & Chaplain Kevin Deegan

Chaplain Kevin Deegan was on service when Dr. Summits wife Jo was on hospice. He shares with Dr. Summit a private conversation he had with Jo. She was an artist and described her pain in colors and how most of...

Stephen Owens and James Unruh

One Small Step partners Stephen Owens (44) and James "Jim" Unruh (56) talk about their family and faith backgrounds, the challenges that their Kansas communities face, and what it means to both of them to serve others.

Sung Man Kim & Scott Acord

Sung, a Christian chaplain, shares some of the traditions around the Lunar New Year celebrations. Born in Korea but immigrated to the U.S. as a young adult, the Lunar New Year is deeply imbedded in his Korean Culture. One of...

The Chaplain during the pandemic

Today I speak with police, fire and FBI chaplain about how he got to his position and what his job looks like. We also drift into the spiritual and how it applies to his work.

Gretchen Luoma Cohan & Scott Acord

Gretchen shares stories about her work as a Chaplain and being a part of a new tele-palliative care program in a rural area of Washington. What drew her to the work and the blessings she gets from being a chaplain.