The tempestuous trio

Three sisters from the harsh Midwest, growing up in a time when you needed to rely on each other. They embody the strengths and weaknesses of their time and in their place.

Kevin Morales

Me Kevin Morales interviewing my brother Jonathan.

Maggie White
April 19, 2021 App Interview

Chat with my mother about accomplishments in life

Cityman Pedro Interview

This is a Interview of Cityman Pedro a local Charlotte NC rapper

Interview with Jack Sherburne #3

Jack has lived in Deerfield for many years. He shared some of his memories of the town and the people in it.

November 25, 2018 App Interview

We had talked about what his life was like. We also talked about his childhood was like.

Character Interview

Character interview is about the 1984 character answering questions about their society

Character Interview

This interview asks questions to Mr.Smith and Ms.Julia about their time now in this society and in the society from back then and the changes in their views.