Interview with Mr Acosta

Mr Acosta is a great teacher who will people like him for who he is.

A Student Interviews his Band Director

Luke Ward (16) is a guitarist in jazz band and he interviewed his band director Curtis Newson (25) asking him about his experience with music growing up

Father and Daughter Reflects on Teaching

A man (48) reflects on his years of teaching middle and high school, both through highs and the lows to his daughter (15).

Kim Spitzmiller and Samuel Orlando

[Recorded: Thursday, April 4, 2024] Kim Spitzmiller (62) from Charlottesville, VA and Samuel Orlando (22) from Charlottesville, VA spent a lot of time discussing the influential people in their lives and how they've learned from others and life experiences. They...

Mackenzie Logie + Mr. Raymond Moran

Raymond Moran speaks with Mackenzie Logie about life and his experience.