Andy Allison from the old days

Andy and Sharon talked about what it was like growing up in Chicago in the 30/40/50s.

Is there more? – Ariel Gonzalez

Ariel Gonzalez (18) interviews Carlos Diazdeleon (18) about his life endeavors and what life has taught him thus far.

River McNeely-Wiersema (6) interviews his great-grandmother Rina Pullia (85)

River McNeely-Wiersema (6) talks with his great-grandmother Rina Pullia (85) about her childhood in Carbonara di Bari, Italy, immigrating to the US, spring in Vermont and Chicago, climbing trees, and their favorite fruits. 2020-04-26

The 1960’s

I spoke with a very close family friend (a grandfather to me) about his experience in the 60’s. We spoke of Kennedy, the National Guard, Vietnam War, Segregation, and more.

Chicago’s young’s future

Interviewing my young cousin on how he sees Chicago and his life and how it goes hand-in-hand with bad and good times