Harper Schaberg talks with Norma Schaberg(Grandma) about her youth

Harper Schaberg(16) talks with Norma Schaberg(92) about her parents and how she was raised. She talks about what she wish she did different, how unsupervised life was, and growing up in the West side of Chicago.

Sandis Wright and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Sandis Wright was born in a rural Swedish community in northern Maine, where he always dreamed of living in the big city. After moving to both Chicago and Atlanta, and getting married, he decided to...

"I thought I was going to die". Ben Sachs-Cobbe talks to Toni Schultz about her life.

Ben Sachs-Cobbe talks with his Aunt Toni about her childhood in a crowded apartment in Chicago's west side, her getting an education, falling in love, and surviving cancer.

Joni Garcia and Beverly Rowls

Joni Garcia (67)and Beverly Rowls (72) share stories from their lives as educators and business owners. The two discuss a wide range of topics including individual political transformations.

Patricia Mukherjee – The Life and Times

Patricia Mukherjee (90) talks about her childhood and her life as well as her relationship with her husband.

Living Histroy project

I got to interview my grandpa about the 1960’s. it was Avery informative and cool to learn more about his experiences during that time.