Josie Cosme and Michelle Serna

Josie Cosme (47) has a conversation with her friend Michelle Serna (46) about the organization YWCA San Antonio and how it has impacted her life. They also talk about YWCA programs, education, and empowerment.

Adaption: Isabella Serrao Interview with Nicole Serrao

Nicole Serrao and her daughter, Isabella Serrao, talk about growing up in a small town and the experiences of being a mother. Nicole talks about her experiences with child-rearing, memories of growing up in a hands off home, and how...

My mother’s talents, values, and life lessons

I interview my mother about her work, her childhood, and her plans for the future.

My Sister’s World

in this interview my sister and I talked about how much she means to me and how proud she is of myself and how she got through her hardships and made herself the woman she is today .

Environmental portrait

What was talked about today was what made my mom into the person she is today through the influences career chooses and childhood upbringing.

Margaret McCaskill and Diane Mack

Diane Mack (74) interviews her friend and mentee Margaret McCaskill [no age given] about her childhood memories, her passions for reading books and writing poetry, and her hopes for the future.