Liberian women hairstyles

Liberian women are really big on maintaining their hair and making it look neat. In my interview, my guest Forti talks about how she always has to do her hair. Nowadays, she is a busy mother and wife so she...

Making history with story corps.

During the interview, we spoke a lot about recent experiences and how they shaped the interviewee to be who he is today.

Interview with James Himan

I interviewed my dad about many personal things like his childhood, friends and family.

Isabella’s & Brittany’s Interview

Brittany answers some 10 questions about her childhood, family, memories and a few personal questions.

Interview with my Boyfriend
November 6, 2019 App Interview

I interviewed my boyfriend to learn more about what his life was like before we met.

Interviewing Dad

In this interview, I got to ask my dad many questions I was curious about and receive some pleasant answers. I was even surprised by some of the things he answered, but I enjoyed every moment of the interview.