Final interview

We talked about his life as a whole and how teaching and music has impacted who he is as well as his unique childhood.

Interview with Grandma

An interview with Grandma about travels, childhood, and current world events

Grace Keenan talks to her grandmother Kathleen Keenan about losing a brother and friends in war, living in a pandemic, and advice

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2020 in New Hampshire, Grace Keenan interviews her grandmother Kathleen Keenan about some of her childhood experiences. Kathleen (Kathy) talks about what is was like losing a brother in the Korean War in...

Hailey Tyacke interviews her Grandfather Tom McGuire

My grandpa and I talked about how he grew up and special moments in his life. We talked about family careers, memories, and stories. I asked him a total of 13 questions and each answer took about minute. I’m glad...

A Journey with Maria

Life in Italy was more simple. We share and cherish memories for as long as we live and pass beautiful stories down from generation to generation.

Madi interviews her Papa

Papa and I talked about his childhood, how he became a chemist, how he met my grandmother (with my grandmother chiming into the stories). He also told me about the biggest lessons he has learned in life as well and...

Interview with grandma pat

We talked about my grandma's child hood, teenage years, and her job. She also talked about pandemics and hard times

Life Through My Mother’s Eyes

My mother’s views on childhood, important influences, life lessons, career paths, spirituality, presidential elections, COVID-19, and parenting.