Carol Ann Fryer and Emily Fryer Garcia

Carol Ann (76) talks to her daughter, Emily (39) about her life. Carol Ann discusses life events from childhood to adulthood that lead her through fascinating situations, family trauma, and finally reconciliation.

Being Your Best

Austin Cain shared about his path to becoming a Special Education teacher, and the influence of role models and personal goals in his life.

My Interview

His lessons for future generations and what he’d like other people to know


Kecia tells her story

Nikki Bryan

Nikki and I talked about events that have shaped her life, her proudest moments, and her dumbest decision.

Interview with the Dad!!!

Talking about his childhood and all the smart choices to make while you are growing up.

Father’s Experience coming to the U.S

My Father's life experiences coming to the U.S, struggles he has had coming here and the life he left behind to come to the U.S and why he crossed over. How life is in Mexico for him at a young...