Paige Lyons + Herb Albert

[Recorded: December 8, 2022] Page Lyons (28) and Herb Albert (70) sit down to record a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Herb discusses his experience growing up in New York during the civil rights movement, his struggle with...

Maxwell Penders + Maria Terry

[Recorded: December 7, 2022] Maxwell Penders (20) and Maria Terry (42) sit down for a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Max is an undergraduate student at UVA studying computer engineering, with a deep interest in politics and government...

Ian Eddy and William Mullings

One Small Step conversation partners William Mullings (61) and Ian Eddy (36) discuss how their fathers were the most influential people in their lives, what being a Christian Conservative means, and how they are both troubled by some views held...

Calvin Shawler PART 1— artistic genius and wonderful human

CALVIN Shawler is a 17 year old genius and we discussed being gay, religious, and an artist.

Joelle Aheto and her uncle, Liberty Nulaans talk about childhood memories and role models

Joelle Aheto (16) and her uncle, Liberty Nulaans (59) sit down for an interview to talk about life in Ghana, his schooling, and his passion for photography and technology. They also talked about how Christianity shaped his life and how...

Paula McElwee and Mary Jane Gilmer

One Small Step partners Paula McElwee (70) and Mary Jane Gilmer (72) have a conversation about their fathers as great influences in their lives, believing in keeping people at home and out of nursing homes, and discussing how the government...

Karen Steele and Elsa Jackson

Elsa Jackson (16) talks with Karen Steele (69), her grandma, about various topics about her life, including Elsa's mom and her siblings, jobs, family, and faith throughout her experiences.

Russ Adams
November 28, 2022 App Interview

This interview was conducted by Mady Stanislav (14) with her grandpa Russ Adams (60) about a variety of topics including: faith, parenting, marriage, choices, and more!

Interview with my Gramma

Karen Siciliano, 78 (Gramma) Chase Loomos, 17 (Grandson) We talked about my gramma’s Catholic faith, growing up, and people who influenced her.