Covid-19: Joe Muldoon of Haddon Culinary

Jackie Neale interviews Haddon Culinary chef-owner and friend, Joe Muldoon during the Covid-19 global pandemic. Joe speaks to the fact that his business only just opened 4 months before the stay-at-home order given by the President of the U.S. and...

Insights on Los Angeles and life from an L.A. Native: Belinda

In this interview, conducted in April 2020 in Tustin, California, Victoria Medina interviews her mother, Belinda Medina (52) about her life growing up in Los Angeles. Ms. Medina shares stories about what life was like growing up in California’s most...

Ken Dyda, Councilman of City of Rancho Palos Verdes

Ken Dyda, a city councilman talk about the founding of our city, the challenges he has faced and the effects of the environment.

City life

My grandfather talked about his life in Chicago and memories he has from his very joyful life.

Dave Emenhiser, Church Member and Politician

Dave talks about his faith, childhood, job, memorable moments, and lessons he has learned in life. Dave has also run for city council numerous times and gives his stand on local government and policies.

Elizabeth and MacKenzie discuss backgrounds and growing up in another city

A friend from high school recently came back from college to visit me, and we talked about where she was from as a child and what stereotypes she feels exist about her lack of religion and where she is originally...