January 20, 2019
Joseph Jones III, Verna Hollis, Diane Bowens, Shirley Green-Reese, and Carol Barner-Seay

“Being in a place like that, I didn’t feel like we was human.” In July of 1963, a group of African American protesters were arrested during a series of non-violent, anti-segregation demonstrations in Americus, Georgia. More than a dozen girls,...

December 6, 2018
A Lifetime of Evolution

I talk with my Grandma about her evolving understandings of racism and sexism throughout her life.

I interview Silvia about the civil rights movement.

I interview Mrs. Silvia about the Civil Rightts movement.

My grandmothers view on the civil rights movement

After the thanksgiving meal I ask me grandmother about the civil rights movement. She tells about the state of Memphis after MLK was shot. The city went into martial law. So that is what I interviewed her on

An Interview with Steve Montgomery

Steve Montgomery, the head pastor of Idlewild Presbyterian, takes a look back at his 18 years of service and shares his lessons learned and wisdom from ministry.

My Uncle the civil rights attorney

Civil rights and the law practice of a civil rights attorney