September 7, 2018 app
Interview with katheryn Fong

Kathryn speaks about growing up as the daughter of Chinese immigrants as well as her involvement in multiple non-profit and civil rights organizations.

My Aunt Clara Ree Meggs-Brooks and Fannie Lou Hamer

My Aunt Clara Ree Meggs-Brooks was active in the Civil Rights Movement in Southern Mississippi. One of her roles was to provide transportation and protection for Fannie Lou Hamer


I interviewed my grandmother, who lived in the Oakland/Berkeley area in the 1960s and 1970s, on her personal experience living in a place where the Civil Rights movement was centered around.

April 29, 2018 app
Monnie Who Was Not Afraid

91 year old Monnie talks about her life of activism and how she was inspired by her parents who part of the suffrage movement.

Lip interview

Me and my grandma talked about the impact of civil rights on her life and her opinions on it.

Randy Boyd civil rights movement

He described his experiences as kid and how he was affected. Also how the experiences shaped him and how the circumstances are different today

April 20, 2018 app
Interview with me and my grandma(Raeshawn)

In this interview I ask my grandma questions about her life, stories about life in the sixties, etc.