Gibson Bean and his grandmother Renee Booker discuss the Civil Rights Movement and how it shaped her life

Throughout this interview that happened on November 26th 2023 in Birmingham AL, Gibson Bean (18) talks with his grandmother Renee Booker (71) about her struggles coping with the sudden change of culture that was the Civil Rights movement and how...

Recording – 11-28-2023 22:39:07

Me and My 72 year old grandmother talk about her growing up in East Chicago during the Civil right movement.

Mary Levine interviews her grandmother Mary Rosalee Levine about living in 3 different southern cities

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2023, in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, Mary Levine (18) interviews her grandmother Mary Rosalee Levine (85) about her childhood and the impact that World War II had on her upbringing. Mary Rosalee also discusses...

Mimi’s Recording – 11-23-2023 14:37:24

my name is Day Galbreath interviewing my grandmother, Lorraine Galbreath who is 74. throughout the interview she answers questions about her life growing up in memphis during the civil rights movement, her family life, and her advice for future generations,...

Valerie Robnolt and Susie Perry-Fikes

One Small Step partners Valerie Robnolt (56) and Susie Perry-Fikes (81) have a conversation about their paths in their careers, their experiences with politics in their families, and conservatives in their families.

Sandra Shackelford and May Lor

Sandra Shackelford (83) and her friend May Lee Lor (53) talk about their different childhoods and how they connected over their shared desire to share and elevate Hmong stories.