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Janet Osborne and Jeri Malouf

Friends Janet Osborne (84) and Jeri Malouf (84) talk about their friendship and the adventures they have shared.

Robotics Club

I spoke to Amir about his experience about Robotics Club

My Mom’s Experience at New Trier

My mom and I talked about her experiences at New Trier and how some of them are similar and different to mine. We also talked about a lot of the things she personally enjoyed doing in school and the many...

Subculture interview

This is a recording of me interviewing Timothy Smith, a member of the club tennis team at UNCG

Interview with Ben

This interview is about how he helps Chuukese students get involved in clubs.

The Little Nippers

Polly Scoutaris talks about her girlhood club, The Little Nippers.

Grandmother 🍯 & Grandaughter 🍰Interview ❤️

My grandma has always been in my life, from the day I was born taking me to her house every Saturday for a year and many times after that. She loves me so much and I love her too, I...