interview with coast guard retiree

I had a conversation with my dad,Drew Doxsee (52). He talked to me about his life in the coast guard and after it. He discussed the importance and impact of the coast guard on his life.

Dick Selissen, Coast Guard Lighthouse Keeper

Dick Selissen, Coast Guard Lighthouse Keeper and Chief Officer at the Two Harbors Lighthouse in the 1960's discusses his daily life as a keeper and the importance of lighthouses in keeping ships safe.

Ted Johnson, Coast Guard Keeper Split Rock Lighthouse

An interview with Ted Johnson, Keeper of Split Rock Lighthouse from 1958-1960. A discussion of daily life and the role of Keepers at the Split Rock Lighthouse on Lake Superior.

Joe Davis and Barbara Davis

Siblings, Barbara Davis (61) and Joe Davis (54), reminisce about their childhood in Miami, FL, tell stories about their family traditions, and reflect on how their parents helped shape who they are today.

Samuel Roudebush and Sally Roudebush

Spouses Samuel "Sam" Roudebush (67) and Sally Roudebush (67) share a conversation about their lives growing up, Sam’s time in the Coast Guard, their family, their travels, and about what they are looking forward to now.

My short interview with Grandpa Art Fitzner

We talked of many parts of his life, with a surprise visit from granddaughter Emily. Also some great singing!

Apush extra credit

Conversation about my grandfathers childhood