Spiritual Growth Pt. 1

An interview with my grandfather about his travel experience, work experience, and other hardships and how they have worked to shape his life and spirituality.


like honestly we talked about so much

1950-1992, Cold War, Lewis Garely, Max Garely

An interview with my grandfather surrounding US involvement in communism.

Cold War

I interviewed my grade 10 history teacher about growing up during the Cold War

Elena Southard on the Cold War & Fall of the USSR

Asking Elena Southard, a French teacher at C.W. Baker High School about her time as a child of an officer in the Red Army, and living in the Soviet Union during the collapse.

Cold War

Cold War was scary to American during that time.

"That was really, really an exciting part of all of this."

I ask my grandmother about her experiences and feelings with watching the first moon landing July 20th, 1969.