December 3, 2018 app
Ameena Zarzis GTL 2018 Rollet

An interview with my dad about moving to America and his life

January 3, 2018 app

Interview with Shelby Brown by Olivia Brown

October 20, 2017 app
Yesenia Vergara and Maribel Vergara

In this interview I talk to my sister about how her qualities as a child have passed on to her in her adult life. We also talked about her college experience and what was the most challenging transition from high...

March 22, 2017
Interview with Alyssa Taylor

This is a cool interview with a human who named Alyssa Taylor by Martin Hou.

November 27, 2016
Amara and Tafari talk about life after moving out for Tafari.

My brother, Tafari and i talk about his busy life and what goes on and how it affects him.

November 27, 2016
College One on One

As freshmans in high school and in early college we are preparing for our future. Failure is not an option, just a barrier we will have to face on the way.

December 15, 2015
Mick Donhue

Interview with Mick Donahue. Describing his childhood, and life experiences that have influenced the man he is today.